Why should a woman be an egg donor? This story inspires!

Some readers have problems and need your help to get out of trouble. However, this lady brings us inspiration by her life story. Why has she become the egg donor? Read and rejoice with her!
“When I did my first egg donation, I was in my early twenties and my best friends had just found out they could not have children of their own. I offered to donate my eggs to them, but they went a different route. But it got me thinking about helping others.
So, I went online to find a good clinic for the process. The first donation moved rather quickly. It seemed to be only a month from signing the contract to getting the procedure completed. Surely, I needed the time to recover after the procedure and felt bad for few days. But that was not important.
Here is what really mattered: the pregnancy took and the amazing couple was blessed with gorgeous twins, a boy and girl. I was lucky enough the meet and hold the babies when they were under a month old.
Seeing how happy that family is has changed my life. I made a difference. They wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for me donating. If I had decided against a known donation, I would have never known if they had even able to get pregnant. It’s a success story that I have kept very close to my heart.
After having my own baby, I decided to help someone else again. Now, I was just matched for a third time with another caring, funny, positive and grateful couple. I plan to help as many people in the limited time as allowed. If I just lose my eggs anyway, why not give the gift of life to a family that is willing to go through so much to have a child to love of their own?”

The story of this woman inspires. She has the rare ability to feel what others experience suffering the childless marriage. Several kids were born through her generosity and many destinies changed!

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