Popular destinations for fertility tourism


The United States is one of the countries where both egg donation and surrogacy (in some states) is legal. In addition, gamete donation may even be open; that is, the donor may be known. Increasingly, same-sex couples who face restrictions with in vitro fertilization and surrogacy procedures in their home countries travel to US states, where this is legal.


Russia also has a very permissive legislation regulating gamete donation and surrogacy. Commercial surrogacy is perfectly legal in Russia, and it’s available to virtually all adults who wish to be parents. Foreigners have the same rights with respect to assisted reproduction as Russian citizens.


Greece offers a low cost option for treatment. Its laws are liberal and treatment for women is allowed until the age of 50 years. Gender selection isn’t allowed unless it’s for medical reasons. Gamete donors (of both sperm and eggs) are anonymous, so there is usually a waiting list for treatment.


Spain is a popular destination for patients from the UK, Italy, Germany and France, because it's very accessible and familiar. Prices of egg donation treatments are probably not as low as in the Czech Republic, but Spain offers gamete donation to many couples or single women who want to be mothers. Donations are anonymous and there are generally no long waiting lists for treatment. Clinics are well regulated and most clinics present their results to the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF), so success rates can be checked.

The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a popular choice among people in the UK, Ireland, Germany and the US. The laws are quite liberal and allow IVF treatments. The treatments themselves are cheaper than  in other countries. The main attraction is that there are no waiting lists for egg donation treatments, since donors are anonymous by law.


India is one of the main destinations for subrogation because of treatment costs. The clinics charge patients between 10,000€ and 28,000€ for the whole package, including IVF and the fees for the surrogate mother and baby’s birth in a hospital. Including the cost of airline tickets, medical procedures and hotels, this is about a third of the price of a treatment in the United States, for example, which can cost 100.000€. India has closed its borders to international patients, so now many patients are considering other options.